Josh & Vivian in Wild ride Video

I saw Viviani standing just outside a bookstore which had recently gone out of business. I pulled up and made believe I needed directions. She told me she was waiting for a taxi she called. She was pretty upset she came all that way just to come and find out the bookstore was permanently closed. I offered her a ride and told her I would take her back free of charge and, in fact, I would do her one even better. I would pay her to let me take her to her hotel and let me also hang out with her for a little while. She knew exactly what I was getting at and held out for 600 dollars. Her hotel room door closed shut behind us, she locked it up and got right down to business. She wanted me out of there quickly before her friends came by. She sucked me good and fucked me hard. When it was all said and done she rushed me to go take a quick shower and pay her. She pulled the old wham, bam thank you ma’am and I was more than happy to oblige

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